Top 5 collections from Kate Spade 2017!

For 2017 we traveled to some of Deborah Lloyds favorite places, here is the list of my top 5 favorite collections from this past year. 5. Spice Things Up- March In march we traveled to Morocco, I loved all of the bright colors and the great Novelty bags like the camera crossbody and the wicker… Continue reading Top 5 collections from Kate Spade 2017!

Kate spade Fall 2017 collection

Growing up in Palm Beach Fall was more of an idea than an actual season. The only way you knew it was Fall was when you walked into Starbucks and saw Pumpkin Spice Lattes were back on the menu.  I had always longed for the changing of seasons, but I didn’t even realize how captivated I could become… Continue reading Kate spade Fall 2017 collection